When one starts feeling more gratitude, what happens then?

Gratitude is like a magnet that draws our greater good to us.

gratitude_john_miltonWhen our egos are too invested in being right, as the mind complains about our circumstances, we become a magnet for that type of suffering to appear in our lives over and over again.




Only when we are grateful for the good in our lives no matter how small, does the Universe begin to bring us more of that good in larger amounts.

If you give someone a gift and there is no gratitude, how much will you be moved to give them a gift in the future? So it is the same in setting ourselves up to receive more, by being grateful for what we already have. As well, even the words, “I am grateful” are more potent than the words, “I have gratitude” for saying “I am” and using an active form of the word induces change in mindset.

Practice, practice, practice…

You can even experiment with practicing to be grateful while noticing what happens when you move through your day. You may be surprised at the opportunities that come your way and the people you connect with.

Please feel free to visit Monica Øien via LINK and learn more about gratitude from her intervju with Lani Reagan.

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